Project Safety Reports/Risk Assessments

Any major project, such as building a powerline, will require a safety report/risk assessment to be carried out. This process may also lead to the development of a safe work method statement (SWMS) for the construction phase of the project.
One of my network clients recently said “When done right the Designer Safety Report (as they call them) can add incredible value to the safety of workers and the network, not only in the construction phase of a project but also for the future operators and workers on that network.”

A safety in design approach will minimise the risks during construction

This type of approach takes a ‘safety in design’ and ‘safety by design’ approach. This will certainly minimise the risk of things going wrong and an incident occurring.
The induction of construction workers onto the construction site will need to inclde any relevant parts of the project safety report and the SWMS.
Workers on the project will need to manage the hazards on a day-to-day basis using a daily risk assessment or a daily review of the SWMS, or as hazards change during the daily work.

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