Power Quality Investigations

Power Quality Investigations

This 4 day course will provide the technical knowledge to allow electricians and electrical engineers to investigate a power quality issue. The modules in this unit are:

  • Performing a Power Quality Survey
  • Testing and Logging Safely
  • Understanding Test Instruments
  • Logging Standards and Principles
  • System Reliability
  • Steady State Voltage
  • Voltage Swells, Dips and Fluctuations
  • Induction Motor Starting Issues
  • Voltage Unbalance
  • Waveform Distortion
  • Transients
  • Miscellaneous PQ Issues
  • Introduction to EMF Issues
  • Electromagnetic Interference including TV and Radio Interference
  • Power and Electric Energy Measurements
  • Fault Loop Impedance
  • Capstone where a case study is investigated and causes and solutions must be provided.

Trainees have 90 days to complete this course but this time limit can be extended if needed.

Course Details

Not available online
Onsite Cost: by quotation
Training Time: 3 days
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