Lightning – Vessel Protection Design and Maintenance

Lightning – Vessel Protection Design and Maintenance

The course will provide trainees with the basic skills and knowledge to design a Lightning Protection System (LPS) to be retrofitted to an existing vessel or to be incorporated in the design of a new vessel. The course also includes the maintenance of a LPS once installed on a vessel.

The course involves designing the LPS to provide a zone of protection by using a cone of protection for smaller vessels and the rolling sphere method for larger vessels. The course content also includes design issues associated with air terminals, metallic and non-metallic mast, downconductors, bonding and loop conductors, grounding electrodes and the protection of sensitive electronic equipment.

Vessels will need a Lightning Protection System to ensure safety

The course has two assessments – the first associated with design issues and the second with maintenance issues. There is also an assignment where a LPS must be designed for a vessel.

A prerequisite for the course is PowerLogic’s Lightning – Vessel Personal Safety Training Course. The course with the assignment, will take approximately 4 hours to complete. The course has a time limit of 30 days but this can be extended if necessary.

Course Details

Online Cost: $350 (GST incl) via credit card.
Onsite Cost: By quotation
Training Time: 4 hours
Who should participate:
Anyone wanting to learn more about the protection of vessels from lightning and anyone wanting to design a lightning protection system for a vessel, particularly boat manufacturers.
Other details:
ONLINE ENROLLMENT METHOD: Simply register for our online training centre by clicking the link below and once registered, click on the course and pay via a credit card using Paypal.