Lightning – Sporting Body Awareness and Management

Lightning – Sporting Body Awareness and Management

Lightning has the potential to seriously injure or kill players, officials and/or spectators. This course provides the knowledge to:
1. Understand the legal issues surrounding lightning
2. How lightning is propagated
3. How an electric shock is received
4. The stats and risk ratios associated with lightning and at risk locations and activities
5. The effects on people and what treatments might be needed including first aid
6. General control measures to reduce the risks
7. Issues for sporting bodies including how to manage the lightning risk.

A sporting event in action but a lightning storm is approaching

This course has been peer reviewed by an international lightning expert. He recommended some minor changes and these have been implemented into the course.

Those completing this course can go back to their sporting bodies and implement measures to ensure the safety of players/participants, officials, ground staff and spectators. The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and has a 30 day time limit, but this will be extended if necessary.

Contact us if you need help with lightning control measures for your site and/or sporting activity and/or specific training/inductions for your site.

Course Details

Online Cost: $50 (GST incl) via credit card.
Onsite Cost: By quotation
Training Time: 2.5 hours
Who should participate:
Anyone involved in sports including players, trainers, officials, ground staff, organisers, facility owners, etc.
Other details:
ONLINE ENROLLMENT METHOD: Simply register for our online training centre by clicking the link below and once registered, click on the course and pay via a credit card using Paypal.