Electric Shock Investigations

Electric Shock Investigations

This course trains participants so they can effectively assist or take the lead role in an electric shock incident investigation. This course is a must for any electrician or electrical engineer that may be required to investigate an electric shock incident. Download a course flyer here.

This course is the industry standard in Australia with thousands of electrical people having already completed our shock investigation courses. Our clients for this course include mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and MMG, safety regulators such as ACTPLA, EnergySafe Victoria, Queensland Department of Natural Resources and NSW Industry and Investment, network businesses such as Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy, Ausgrid, Western Power and ACTEWAGL, and electrical inspectors, electrical businesses, etc. too numerous to mention.

The course involves 18 theory modules with an assessment to be completed at the end of each module. The course takes around 24 hours to complete with an optional 2 day course on Electrical Incident Report Writing.

The training modules are:

  • Legal Issues for Electrical Incident Investigations
  • Causes, Effects and Prevention of Electrical Incidents
  • Effects of Current on Human Beings
  • Effects of Current on Livestock
  • Introduction to Lightning
  • Introduction to Electric Arcs
  • Earthing Systems Operation
  • MEN Polarity, Neutral Integrity and Phase Rotation Testing
  • Fault Loop Impedance
  • Test Instrument Usage
  • Residual Current Devices
  • Types of Electric Shock Incidents
  • Forensic Incident Investigation – Preplanning
  • Forensic Incident Investigation – First response
  • Forensic Incident Investigation – Collecting the Evidence
  • Forensic Incident Investigation – Analysis and Interpretation
  • Forensic Incident Investigation – Report Writing
  • Forensic Incident Investigation – Finalisation


  • Staff can investigate with confidence.
  • Reduce risk of further incidents.
  • Reduce risk of litigation.

This course can also be delivered in person with practical, real-life, incident investigation sessions included. Simply contact us to discuss.

Online students have 90 days to complete the course but this can be extended if issues arise that prevent completion in that timeframe.


Brilliant course – I really like the online format and having a PDF script to read from as well. The speaker was very knowledgeable and I really appreciated the real life stories from actual investigations.

This has not only increased my understanding of what to do during fault circumstances but also my overall understanding of electrical practices. I will be recommending this on.


“A real ‘eye-opener’ of what can go wrong in the electrical industry, what can be done when that happens, and what can be done to minimise it occurring. Every electrical tradesperson and engineer should do this course.” 

Andrew Kennedy, Senior Engineer – Addelec

“Good mix of theory and practical. Chris has great experience and knowledge in the area – very knowledgeable.” Options to improve the course – “Nothing I can think of”. 

Jason Pymont – BHP

“Great training. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very appropriate for our work.” 

Gary Phillipp, Principal Installation Inspector – Sydney Trains.

“Course was very engaging with lots of real world examples. Very interesting throughout the course.” 

James Friend, Electrical Engineer – Angloamerican, Moranbah North Mine.

“Probably the best post trade training I have attended. Practical demo’s and exercises. Excellent real world scenarios.” 

Michael Weeks – Angloamerican, Moranabah North Mine.

“PowerLogic’s Shock Investigation Certificate Course is the best course I have ever done.” 

Thomas Rigby, Contracts Compliance/Electrical Engineering Manager – BMC, Poitrel Mine.

“Very enjoyable course. Very benefical to my job role. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Content was very relevant and will certainly improve my work methods.” 

Brian Plunkett, Electrical Inspector – BHP

“The online course content is excellent, the website is great, easy to use and navigate. I like the way that it is all set out, the presentation that matches the video is available, so no excuse on not having enough resources.” 

Henry Hodgson, Electrical Safety Officer – Tasmanian Department of Justice.

“I would not do anything to improve this course.” 


“Thank you for your feedback and positive comments throughout. I found the online course to be thoroughly enjoyable.” 

Robert O’Grady, Principal Electrical Safety Inspector – QLD Electrical Safety Office.

“Excellent course content with great reference to real life application and case studies.” 

Debra Lennard, Teacher – TasTAFE

“PowerLogic’s Low Voltage Shock Investigation courses are unique in that we have staff who actually request attendance on a regular basis, even if they have attended previously. The key aspect being the training is interesting, well presented and relevant to our day to day needs.” 

John Sinclair, Power Quality Manager – Essential Energy.

“Many IEI members have attended Chris Halliday’s Electric Shock Investigation Courses and commented on the knowledge gained from the course. I recommend this course to anyone in the Electrical Industry that has to deal with investigations of this nature.”  

David Bibby, Secretary – Institute of Electrical Inspectors Australia.

“PowerLogic’s online training centre is easy to navigate & flexible to access (ie. no time restrictions). The Electric Shock Investigation Course provides a complete picture on the technical aspects involved in electric shocks. However, it also gives some consideration on legal, rules & regulations involved in an electric shock incident.” 


“Powerlogic has trained our front line staff in electric shock incident investigations. Since this training my involvement in shock investigations has been considerably less as our staff have the knowledge and confidence to handle most incidents. This training is a must for anyone in the electrical industry.” 


Course Details

Online Cost: $2,999 (GST incl)
Onsite Cost: Onsite by quotation
Training Time: 24 hours
Who should participate:
electrical engineers, electrical fitter mechanics, emergency service fitters, district mechanics, on call electricians, apprentices, installation inspectors, power line workers, power quality technicians, incident investigators.
Other details:
ONLINE ENROLLMENT METHOD: Simply register for our online training centre by clicking the link below and once registered, click on the course and pay via a credit card using Stripe.
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