Electric Shock Investigation Kit

Electric Shock Investigation Kit

Learn how to use the Electric Shock Investigation Kit manufactured by Communication Interference Consultants (CIC) (Ph: 02 4268 3571).

The course content includes detailed information and demonstrations on the use of the kit and a short assessment at the end of the course. This topic is included briefly in our Electric Shock Investigation Certificate Course and is expanded here as means of extending on existing knowledge and as a refresher for those that have not used the kit for a period.

You must attain at least 80% in the assessment to pass the course and you have 10 days to complete this course once enrolled. The training time for this course is approx. 2 hours

Course Details

Online Cost: $90 (GST incl) via credit card.
Onsite Cost: by quotation
Training Time: 2 hours
Who should participate:
Anyone who has completed one of our Electric Shock Investigation Training Courses.
Other details:
ONLINE ENROLMENT METHOD: Simply register for our online training centre by clicking the link below and once registered, click on the course and pay via a credit card using Paypal.