Electric Shock Investigation Introduction/Refresher

Electric Shock Investigation Introduction/Refresher

This one day course is an introduction to electric shock investigations and also serves as a refresher for those that have already completed one of our more advanced courses some time ago.

Shocks incidents are on the increase due to such things as aging networks, failing neutral connections and poor quality and/or old appliances and other electrical equipment.

Many staff have not updated electrical skills since completing their trade and fumble their way through investigations. Litigation is on the increase, so staff need all the skills to lessen the risks and prevent further incidents (most importantly).

Staff will be developing valuable skills to allow them to confidently and professionally investigate incidents and ensure electricity user safety. Our three day investigation and incident report writing courses are a natural progression for those doing this course as an introduction.

The course content includes:

  • Revision of series and parallel circuits and how these apply to voltmeter measurements;
  • The effects of current on the human body;
  • Neutral‐Earth voltages and how they occur;
  • The causes and solutions of electric shocks;
  • Faulty connections – locating and testing;
  • Electric shocks in swimming pools;
  • Forensic investigation techniques;
  • Testing and test instruments;
  • Using a power quality logger to assist with intermittent problems or confirming problems have been resolved;
  • Various shock incidents are discussed and investigated. These incidents are typical of problems that may be encountered.

The course content is below. This course takes approx. 8 hours to complete. Online trainees have 45 days to complete this course. This can be extended if needed.

“The course was excellent. Can’t think of anything to improve it. Highly recommended.


Very relevant. Got up at 4am, travelled 2 hrs, didn’t fall asleep during the training. Must have been a good course. Engaging.


I thoroughly enjoyed Electric Shock Investigation Introduction/Refresher course last week and even more importantly, it strengthened my knowledge of how the electricity network functions. I will certainly be recommending the course to anyone who asks !


Course Details

Online Cost: $999 (GST incl) via credit card. Group discounts apply – payment via invoice and bank transfer, cheque, BPAY or credit card.
Onsite Cost: By Quotation
Training Time: 8 hours
Who should participate:
Electricians, Emergency Service Fitters, Installation Inspectors, District Mechanics, On Call Linespersons, Apprentice electrician and line workers, Power Quality Technicians, Managers, WHS personnel, Electrical Safety Regulator staff
Other details:
ONLINE ENROLMENT METHOD: Simply register for our online training centre by clicking the link below and once registered, click on the course and pay via Paypal.