Online Electrical Training Subscriptions

Fill electrical skills gaps, stay abreast of industry change, provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and increase productivity with our online training subscription to all our specialised electrical training courses including any new courses developed through the subscription period.

Check out our subscriptions benefits and then choose a plan that suits your needs:

Specialised Electrical Online Courses

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Zoom or Teams
Phone or Viber


24/7 with no disruption to shifts or workflows

Assessed Training

All courses have assessments to ensure competence with self-download certification.

Certificates can also be provided for HR records.

Reasons for a Subscription

PowerLogic’s specialised electrical training subscriptions come with the following benefits:

– Full access to all our existing courses at a significantly reduced price.
– Access to our resource library.
Access and download of our e-books for each module and/or course.
– Access to new training courses as they are developed. Check our ‘home page‘ for details of courses in development or are planned.
– Refresher training (CPD) in subsequent years as some courses should also be revisited every year.
Standards, laws, regulations, codes of practice, electrical equipment and technology are constantly updated and we will update our courses as these requirements change.
– Electricians, electrical workers, and electrical engineers need to keep abreast of change by keeping their skills current in the constantly evolving electrical sphere.
– Productivity is key to business success and having well trained staff helps to increase productivity.

Subscription Pricing

Contact us to discuss your training needs, numbers of trainees and we will then provide a quotation for your subscription. 

We offer one, two and three year subscriptions with discounts increasing as the number of years increases.

We can invoice initially or accept monthly payments via a credit card for smaller subscription numbers. For larger subscriptions, we can invoice initially and then annually for two and three year subscriptions.

A one year subscription for two trainees is the same price as the two doing the Electric Shock Investigation Course i.e. $2,999/trainee.

Why not request a quotation for the number of trainees at your company?