Electric Incident Investigation Webinar

A quick presentation on issues around electric incident investigation followed by a Q&A session. The presentation will look at:

– The investigation process and traps for the inexperienced. 

– Tools that assist with investigations.

– Industry misconceptions.

Bring any questions around electrical incident investigations to the Q&A.

Your presenter is Chris Halliday from PowerLogic

Chris is the leading trainer of electric shock investigations in Australia and he has trained thousands. PowerLogic provides initial and refresher training for Australia and beyond via online, webinar and in-house training. Our courses include arc flash, electric shock investigations, electrical incident report writing, power quality investigations, lock out/tag out, MEN polarity and neutral integrity testing, etc.

Chris has spoken at numerous conferences and has written numerous papers – too many to mention. 

PowerLogic’s client base includes network providers, mining companies, safety regulators, electrical inspectors, electrical contractors, etc.

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