Basic Power Systems & Power Quality

Basic Power Systems & Power Quality

This course seeks to provide the basics of power systems for non-technical staff working for:

  • Distribution network’s claims or supply interruption departments
  • Energy ombudsmans
  • Anyone wanting to learn about the grid.

Training modules include:

  • Electricity basics
  • The Electricity Grid – how the grid works
  • The Distributor’s Risks
  • Voltage quality and standards
  • Familiarisation with distribution networks
  • Protecting electrical equipment
  • PQ Monitors and Graphs Analysis
  • Legal Issues – includes liability for poor power quality and reliability
  • Transients – lightning and switching
  • Electric motors
  • Electric shock incidents
  • TV and radio interference
  • Reliability issues

Course Details

Not available online
Onsite Cost: by quotation
Training time varies due to course content
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