Electrocution in Plumbing

Metallic waterpipes can become ‘live’ through various methods. While there is a low probability of an incident, Chris Halliday writes about the genuine risk of electrocution for plumbers and what to do. Most ‘tingle’ incidents from waterpipes go unreported, but they serve as a warning for higher-consequence incidents. Smarter water authorities and plumbers are managing […]

Terrible Incident – Learnings

I was just reading the latest edition of Electrical Connection magazine (a good read if you don’t already get it). Dale West talks about an incident where a mate of his was killed in an electrical arc flash incident and another badly burnt. He provides the following learnings that could be applied to any industry […]

Surge Protection on MSB’s and DB’s

Impulsive transients from lightning present a significant risk to electronic equipment. Lightning doesn’t even need to strike powerlines for it to get in. It can be induced and capacitively coupled into wiring and powerlines. One of the benefits of the MEN system is that a path to ground is provided for any transients in the […]

Stand-Alone Power Systems Rules

The National Electricity Rules and National Energy Retail Rules have been amended to include the regulation of stand-alone power systems (SAPS) but the rules will need to be legislated on a state-by-state/territory basis for those states and territories involved in the National Electricity Market. The SAPS may be for individuals or small communities not served […]

Electrical Incidents and Prosecutions (Feb/Mar/Apr 2022)

Brisbane – 25 year old tradie electrocuted while doing electrical work on a home in Brisbane north. It is believed he died in the ceiling space while working on an air conditioner.  Malvern Victoria – arborist electrocuted when contact was most probably made with ‘live’ powerlines via a pole while trimming back a dead tree. Metro […]

Arc Flash – Giving it the Respect it Deserves

I was involved in an arc flash incident at a local commercial building some years back. I was installing an RCBO on a ’live’ 3 phase sub board when my screwdriver came in contact with two phases. I copped the flash, the bang and some copper in my eyes. The fault current level wasn’t high […]

Power Quality Investigations

Poor power quality (PQ) has differing effects for different people and businesses. This might varyfrom a nuisance to the loss of income from unrealised photovoltaic export for a domesticcustomer to the loss of production for a large business………………………….. This article was published in the first edition of Transmission and Distribution and Industrial Electrix magazines for […]

Arc Flash PPE Selection

Arc flash PPE is the last line of defence for electrical workers. It is much better to implement solutions that negate the use of this lower order control from the hierarchy of controls. However, arc flash PPE will be needed well into the foreseeable future for most organisations to ensure to safety of their employees […]

Electrical Incident Investigation Webinar

This webinar was delivered on the 30th November 2021 and is a quick presentation on issues around electric incident investigation followed by a Q&A session. Topics covered include: – Legal issues associated with an incident investigation.– The investigation process and traps for the inexperienced. – Tools that assist with investigations. – Industry misconceptions. Presenter: Chris Halliday […]

Test Instrument Calibration

Electrical workers use various test instruments such as voltmeters, tong meters, resistance meters including insulation resistance testers, loop impedance testers, RCD testers, phase rotation meters, proximity testers. Some electrical workers will be using energy and/or power quality loggers as well. Do these test instruments need to be checked for calibration? If instruments are not calibrated, […]