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Cut through the red tape with these electrical industry specific publications!

Simply contact us to purchase a copy of any of the documents for sale. We will be developing and adding to these documents over time. You should be able to purchase these through PayPal in the future.
  • Electrical Apprentice Aptitude Test

Around one third of electrical apprentices fail to complete their apprenticeship which is costing the industry greatly through wasted investment and lost opportunities. These aptitude tests will help you to improve this poor completion rate and ensure you hire the right apprentices.


  • Electrical Maintenance

Coming soon.
  • Electrical Safety

PowerLogic’s SWMS’s are simple, short and have a risk score location for before and after controls and therefore combine the risk assessment and SWMS requirements into the one document. Electrical contractors will find these are a must have to help manage their business.


A life saving trip - free article in EC by Chris Halliday on safety switch/RCD requirements
Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Template - For Online Sale Shortly

Safe Testing - free article in EC by Chris Halliday on safe electrical testing
SWMS - Connect and Disconnect Loggers - For Online Sale Shortly

SWMS - New Premise - Fit Off and Energise - For Online Sale Shortly

SWMS - New Premise - Wiring Rough In - For Online Sale Shortly

SWMS - Replace kWh Meter - For Online Sale Shortly

SWMS - Thermography of 'Live' Switchboards - For Online Sale Shortly
Testing Times - free article in EC by Chris Halliday on testing and tagging
To Protect and Serve (Part 1) - free article in EC on LV protection requirements
The A to Z od RCDs - article in

  • Electrical Testing and Wiring

Careful Cabling - free article in EC by Chris Halliday on electrical cable selection
Is Calibration of Test Instruments Important - free article in EC by Chris Halliday on why calibration is important

NSW Electrical Installation Inspection Process: (Page 9) - Free Download
Proximity Testers - Friend or Foe - Free Download
Test Lamps - free article in EC on test lamps versus multimeters
Work Instruction: Testing to AS/NZS3000 - For Online Sale Shortly

Ten Tips for Sparkies - Free Download


  • Electric Shock Investigation

Advanced Shock Investigation - Free Download

  • Energy Management

Conservation Voltage Reduction - Case Study: This paper explores the energy reduction technique call Conservation Voltage Reduction. This technique was used to reduce the energy and demand at the Bathurst campus of Charles Sturt University. The project was managed by the Bathurst Community Climate Action Network through funding provided by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Full report available here. Short version here.

Energy Efficiency Justification Calculator: Excel spreadsheet calculates cost benefit analysis, annual savings & tonnes of CO2 saved each year for changing electrical equipment to more energy efficient types - For Online Sale Shortly.

Solar System Cost Benefit Analysis Calculator: used to justify or reject an investment for the installation of solar electricity. Provides annual savings, payback period, tonnes of CO2 saved - For Online Sale Shortly.

Power Factor Correction: information sheet - For Online Sale Shortly

  • Miscellaneous

Selecting a UPS: information sheet and form - For Online Sale Shortly

Electrical Trade Staff - Professional Development: also in Autumn 2011 Electrical Inspectors Journal - Free Download

  • Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring & Smart Meters - Free Download

Distribution Network Monitoring - Free Download: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The Management of Network Power Quality - Free Download

  • Power Quality

An Acceptable Drop - free article in EC by Chris Halliday on acceptable voltage drop within low voltage installations
Protecting Computerised Equipment: The why and how - For Online Sale Shortly

Voltage Unbalance: Cause, effects and mitigation - For Online Sale Shortly

Voltage and Equipment Standards Misalignment: Also in Issue 1, 2011 Transmission & Distribution & Jan-Mar 2011 Industrial Electrix - Free Download

Techniques for the Control of Steady State Voltage in MV & LV Networks: - Free Download

Distribution Network Capacitor Resonance - A Case Study: Also in Oct-Nov 2007 Power Transmission & Distribution - Free Download

Predicting the Voltage Sag Performance of Electricity Distribution Networks: Presented E21C, August 2005 - Free Download

  • Recruitment Package

Employing the wrong person can be expensive and so our Electrical Recruitment Package helps your electrical businesses prevent problems by assisting in the employment of the right electrical supervisors, leading hands, electricians and electrical apprentices.


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